About us – and more

Power On Music – Say what?
Power On Music is a new and exciting contribution for the Isle of Man – Expanding every day. We might be have only been part of this for 4 years – but we are already in contact with several producers in the UK and here on the Island.

Your music – your money – your choice, get in touch anytime you feel like it.

Are you the next talent?
There is a lot to think of when launching a career in what is one of the toughest businesses on this planet. It’s a jungle out there – only hard grafting will be enough. Talent can only get you so far. Are you ready for it all?

The level of service required will also show in the pricing. Get in touch with us today, and we will send you an adapted list for your needs – this is your career – not ours!

Power On Records
We thrive in using the latest and top quality of DAW software and have the needs for the demo that will not empty your pocket of hard earned money.
It should not be hard to get your music to sound well enough to be online for the rest of the world to hear.
Power On Records
We can also arrange for studio time in vastly more expensive places, that have both far better knowledge and equipment for you, if this is what you need or want. It is all in how much you are willing to spend for how much quality you want for your music. Again, this is after-all, your pride and joy!

The key here for you, is our flexibility to suit your choice. Contact us for price details.

Gig Promotion and Booking Services
We can help you either as an artist who needs assistance in booking a gig, or as a venue when looking for that something else to freshen up the standard rota of artists. We would also advise and help in preparing for your first or next event with promotion materials and a promo video if wanted.

What you want or need – we can help in providing.

Artwork & Merchandise Services
Do you know the requirements for online cover for you music to over 250 online stores? No – do not worry – we do! We have in house and partners – depending on needs and price as with anything else.

Same goes for merchandise – all about what you need. You might go and order 200 CDs and 50 T-shirts, but think here – who uses CD,s anymore? And what size to choose for the clothing? We have some points and tips on what could be clever to invest in to start you off.

The sky is the limit here really – and Power On Music has got you covered!

All trade under the registered business name of Power On Media.